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Adoption & Birth Parent Therapy

Parents with adopted children sometimes find themselves facing challenges not understood by traditional mental health professionals. Parents might find themselves unable to understand their child’s behaviors, believe that they are failing as parents and may find themselves feeling hopeless about their family’s future. We understand, at ARFC many of us have been touched personally by adoption as well.


Our adoption focused therapy services are designed to support the adoptee and his/her/their family as they move through the developmental stages of adoption. We are here to support those of you who are considering adoption to those needing help coping with behavioral or emotional issues due to a child’s early developmental trauma. We can assist you in preparing for issues that might arise as your child begins to explore questions of identity, struggle with relationships and consider searching for or reuniting with birth family.

Due to the traumatic history of many of our clients, it is not unusual for many children who participate in therapy with to also be participating in a number of other medical, psychiatric and therapeutic services. With your permission we will communicate with those professionals to ensure that our treatment is consistent and supportive.

Adopted Adults


Adoption is a life-long journey and as adult adoptees reach various milestones in their lives, they may find themselves needing specific therapeutic support that not all therapists understand. For some adopted persons, this may be when he or she leaves home for the first time, gets married or gives birth to a child. Others continue to struggle with finding and maintaining intimate relationships. This may be the result of unresolved grief and loss, and/or not having the opportunity to integrate birth family history into their present life. Some may consider searching for birth family and others who have searched may find that that the reunion was not what they had hoped it would be. In my experience working with adopted adults, taking the time to explore these issues can be very helpful in understanding how adoption has played a part in developing the person you have become.


Counseling for Birth Parents


Birth Parents who are considering an adoption plan or who have had a child placed for adoption in the past, may find themselves overwhelmed with grief and loss, struggling with issues of identity around their parenthood and coping with internal and external conflict around their decision. Many find themselves struggling with issues of intimacy and feel that they may not deserve committed relationships. If the decision was not theirs this can lead to other complicated emotions. You don’t have to go through this alone. Give us a call and let’s talk. You deserve great relationships.

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